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        • Product details: Sodium Process Calcium Hypochlorite TechnologyBleaching powder is a white powder that is mainly used as disinfector in swimming pool,hospital,catering,dringking water etc.It is also used as algicide for industrial circulating water.The technology tak...
        • Product details: Sodium Percarbonate Production line1. IntroductionName: sodium percarbonateFormula: 2Na2CO3?3H2O2.Sodium percarbonate, also called solid hydrogen peroxide, white loose granular or solid powder. It is synthesized by addition reaction between hydrogen ...
        • Product details: Calcium Chloride Production Line1. Food grade calcium chloride process:30% diluted hydrochloric acid reacts with limestone to prepare liquid calcium chloride.After filtration and seperation,filtrate is neutralized with lime milk.Under certain PH limi...
        • Product details: Hydrothermal process 4A zeolite production lineSodium aluminate solution and sodium silicate solution are used as raw material to prepare 4A zeolite. After blending and heating of the raw material, slurry preparation,crystallization, separation and d...
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