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        • product name: 5000t/a Sodium percarbonate production line
        • Product number: sodium percarbonate line
        • Summary: Taking hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate as raw materials to produce sodium percarbonate.
        • Application: used as bleacher and exidant
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        Sodium Percarbonate Production line
        1. Introduction

        Name: sodium percarbonate
        Formula: 2Na2CO3•3H2O2.
        Sodium percarbonate, also called solid hydrogen peroxide, white loose granular or solid powder. It is synthesized by addition reaction between hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate.
        It is mainly used as bleacher and exidant,also used as the detergent or fungicide in chemical,paper,textile,dyeing,medicine etc industry.
        2. Quality Index.





        white free-flowing granule

        white free-flowing granule

        Active oxygen (%)



        Bulk density(g/l)



        Moisture (%)



        Iron (%)



        PH(3%water solution,20℃)



        3. Production process
        The production process includes 3 units which are reaction unit,drying unit and coating unit.
        Reaction: Certain amount solid sodium carbonate and sodium chloride are dissolved in the stirring vessel,and then is cooled by the chilled water.
        Hydrogen peroxide is put into the reactive crystallization tank,and is cooled by chilled water.The mixture solution of sodium carbonate and sodium chloride is added into the reactive crystallization tank to react with the hydrogen peroxide and prepare sodium percarbonate. Crystal sodium percarbonate is produced after the crystallization reaction and centrifuged in the centrifugal machine. Mother liquid after precipitation,filtration returns to dissolve the raw material.
        Drying: Sodium percarbonate with moisture of 10% is fed to the inner-heating fluid bed dryer,then is fluidized and heated by the 150℃ hot air, final moisture of the sodium percarbonate is 0.8%.After being dried, the sodium percarbonate product is cooled in the cooling section of the fluid bed dryer.Exhaust air is vented after cleaned in dust collector.
        Coating: Uniform coating material slurry is prepared from process water and coating material in the blending tank,then the slurry is pumped to the spray fluid bed. Dry sodium percarbonate enters the spray fluid bed coating machine and gets coated by the coating slurry.

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