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        • product name: Sodium process calcium hypochlorite production line
        • Product number: calcium hypochlorite line
        • Summary: takes caustic soda,slaked lime,chlorine as main raw materials to produce calcium hypochlorite
        • Application: bleaching powder
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        Sodium Process Calcium Hypochlorite Technology
        Bleaching powder is a white powder that is mainly used as disinfector in swimming pool,hospital,catering,dringking water etc.It is also used as algicide for industrial circulating water.
        The technology takes caustic soda,slaked lime,chlorine as main raw materials to produce calcium hypochlorite which is the main ingredient of the bleaching powder.Effective chlorine content in product is 60-70% with the particle size range of 85~90mesh(355μm~1.44mm),and water content in product is 4~10%.
        1. Brief description of the flow chart

        The new technology adopts sodium process to produce calcium hypochlorite. The first step is
        preparation of lime slurry. Slaked lime is transferred into mixing tank to mix with water or mother liquid as required ratio for making lime slurry. The slurry will be transferred to the 2 nd reactor. There lime will react with 1st mother liquid to produce Ca(ClO) 2 •2Ca(OH) 2 which is called as 2 nd cake/slurry. The 2 nd cake will be sent to the 1st reactor there it will react with chlorine and caustic soda, and then send to vacuum filter. After filtering, the wet product will be sent to drying system. The tail gas from drying system will be washed by caustic soda liquid, the washing liquid return to 1st reactor.
        Mother liquid from separator of 2 nd reactor will be sent to lime mixing tank for making lime slurry, then transfer to 1 st reactor. The part of mother liquid will be sent to treatment system for recovering chlorine and getting light brine which will be sent to caustic soda plant for preparation of primary brine.
        2. Chemistry principle
        ● In the 2 nd reactor, chemistry reacting formula is as follows:
        2Ca(OH) 2 + Ca(ClO) 2 = Ca(ClO) 2 •2Ca(OH) 2 ↓
        ● In the 1 st reactor, chemistry reacting formula is as follows:
        Ca(ClO) 2 •2Ca(OH) 2 →2Ca(OH) 2 + Ca(ClO) 2
        Ca(OH) 2  + 2NaOH +2Cl 2 = Ca(ClO) 2 +2NaCl+2H 2 O
        ● Mother liquid treatment
        Ca(ClO) 2 +4HCl =CaCl 2 +2Cl 2 ↑+2H 2 O (Chlorine recovery)
        CaCl 2 +Na 2 CO 3 =CaCO 3 ↓+2NaCl (light brine)
        3. Raw material specification
        Slaked lime
        CaO Content no less than 70%
        MgO no more than 4%
        Size less than 0.125mm
        Moisture 0.4~2%

        Grade A
        Content of effective chlorine%
        Particle size
        85~90 mesh (355μm~2.0mm)  
        White or grey powder, granular or tablet 
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