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        • product name: industrial loss in weight feeder system
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        Industrial continuous Loss-In-Weight Feeder system

        The Loss-In-Weight Feeder system,also named weight feeder,is a continuous weigh feeder system for powder material feeding and discharging like cement, lime powder, coal powder etc. fine material.Since the weight-loss control is done in the hopper, it can have a high control precision. What’s more, the structure is easily for sealing, so the Loss-In-Weight has better performance in powder weight control compared with the spiral scale.Material weight is controlled by controlling the screw conveyor through controlling the weight loss rate in the hopper. The screw conveyor will stop conveying material when all material is charged from the hopper, and the pneumatic gate valve is open for feeding material. Material feeding will stop when feeding load reaches the upper weight limit. Rapid feeding can lengthen the feeding time and improve the weighing accuracy and control accuracy.

        1) The screw conveyor is of invertor control so that the R.P.M can be adjusted according to the production requirement within its capacity range. 
        2) The material weight control is under Mettler Toledo PowerMount weighing module and IND570 weighing terminal. Refer to the manual of PowerMount module and     IND570.
        Main composition of the Loss in Weight feeder system
        1) Agitating unit 
           The agitating unit is composed of motor, reducer coupling, agitating shaft, shaft sealing and agitating blades etc. 
        2) Screw conveyor 
          The screw conveyor is composed of motor, reducer, coupling, shaft sealing, screw blades and casing etc. 
        3) Weighing hopper 
           The weighing hopper is composed of the square hopper and three-point support. 

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