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        Industrial centrifugal blower and induced draft fans

        Industrial centrifugal blower fan, also called boiler blower fan, centrifugal blower, induced draft fan, is widely used to transport material, air and other gas of non-corrosiveness, none self-ignition or non-stickiness etc. The medium temperature is not supposed to be higher than 80℃, and dust or hard particles in the transported medium should not higher than 150mg/m3.
        The centrifugal fan is divided into right rotation type and left rotation type according to different rotation directions of the impellers. Viewing from the motor, those of which impellers’ rotation direction is clockwise are defined to be right-rotation, otherwise, are left-rotation.
        The centrifugal fan includes housing, impellers, air inlet, air damper, motor, shaft coupling etc.
        The housing is a spiral casing made of low alloy steel plate, and side plate is usually welded with ribs to enhance the intensity of the side plate. The air outlet can be of various directions ranging from 0-225゜。
        The impellers are made of high-strength alloy plates, the impellers will be adjusted under static and dynamic balance to make sure the steady running.
        Jinan Xichuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of industrial centrifugal fan especially the stainless steel centrifugal blower fans and induced draft fans.
        The centrifugal fans have been supplied to middle east area, USA, European etc. and gained high evaluation from the customers.


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