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        • product name: Sludge drying system thermal screw dryer
        • Product number: thermal screw dryer
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        Thermal screw dryer, also named paddle dryer, is a type of indirect drying equipment for sludge.
        There are two or four rotary shafts on which groups of hollow blades are welded, and thermal oil, steam, or hot water can be used as the thermal medium for sludge drying. Self-cleaning device is welded on the edge of the blades so that various types of sludge can be treated by the dryer system.
        Thermal medium is injected into the hollow shafts as well as the hollow blades, wet sludge is broken into small size and dried in the dryer chamber.
        Dry product can be discharged at the bottom of the dryer discharge end.
        During the drying process, only a little amount off-gas produced, which is very easy to treat in a cyclone separator plus a wet scrubber. In this way, the drying system is very environmental.
        1. Municipal sludge drying
        2. Chemical sludge drying
        3. Textile sludge drying
        4. Plating sludge (anode sludge)
        4. Petroleum sludge drying
        Representative cases:
        We have successfully designed and manufactured more than 60 sets paddle dryers for various materials for our domestic and overseas customers, some representative cases are as follows:
        1.Iran: 3sets PD600 paddle dryers(for molecular sieve catalyst)
        2.Poland: 1set PD600 and 1 set PD400 paddle dryers(for sugar pomace)
        3.Russia: 2sets PD1000 paddle dryers(for oil sludge)
        4.Israel: 1set PD900 paddle dryer(for chemical sludge)
        5.Yugoslavia: 1 set PD800 paddle dryer(sodium carbonate)
        Technical advantages:
        1.High heat efficiency: little heat loss of the system due to the insulating material, also little heat loss while exhaust air leaves the dryer. The heat efficiency can reach 90%.
        2. Perfect sealing: packing sealing and air seal ensure the perfect sealing of the paddle dryer.
        3. Uniform drying: Material gets completely mixed by the rotating paddle blades and finally is dried to uniform powder.
        Adhesion of the material is avoided by the special arranged structure of the paddle blades as well as the self-cleaning device on the blades.
        4. Continuous operation.
        5. Negative pressure operation, no dust flying.
        6. Compact installation: The size of the dryer is small due to the large heating area and high efficiency.
        7. Easy maintenance.
        Working Principles:
        Hot water, steam or thermal oil can be used as the thermal medium.
        Thermal medium is divided into two paths, and goes respectively into the dryer jacket and the shafts.
        The body and the shafts are heated simultaneously, and material is heated indirectly.
        The material is heated and dried in a high efficiency due to the large area released by the continuously rotating shafts and the jacket.
        Dry material is discharged from the outlet of the dryer, while the evaporated moisture is taken out of the dryer by the drought fan, and then is treated in the dust collector. Exhaust air is vented.
        Now the thermal screw dryer has been widely applied in sludge treatment like municipal sludge, industrial sludge, and petroleum sludge drying.
        Generally the wet sludge (moisture 60-80%) is fed continuously by a hose pump or screw pump or screw feeder, and then is heated by the sludge drying equipment thermal screw dryer. The product can be semi-dry sludge with moisture of 30-40% or dry sludge with moisture of 10-15% for power generation or mixed-burning with biomass. 

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