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        • product name: vibrating fluid bed dryer/cooler
        • Product number: vibratating fluid bed dryer
        • Summary: GLZ vibrating fluid bed is mainly used to dry /cool particles or powder in chemical....
        • Application: to dry materials in chemicals, feed, food industry
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        Vibration fluid bed dryer

        1. Introduction
        GLZ vibrating fluid bed is mainly used for drying or cooling big or irregular particles which are hard  to be fludised,or for those sticky and thermal sensitive material.
        It has been widely used in chemical,medicine,food,plastic,sugar,salt and metallurgy industry.
        2. Model

        3. Features
        A. Advanced fluidised technology,small damage to the particle furface;
        B. Driven by vibration motor,running steadily;Low noise,long working life,easy maintenace.
        C. High thermal efficiency;Uniform bed temperature distribution,no overheating phenomena;
        Uniform fluidization,no dead angle or blowing through phenomena.
        D. Wide material adaptility.Saved energy is above 30%.
        C. Few entrained particles.
        D. Consistant material residence,uniform product.
        4. Principle
        Exciting force is appied to the fluid bed dryer by the vibration motor. Wet feed contacts with the hot air above the air distributor,and material suspends in the dryer chamber due to the dual function of the exciting force and hot air.
        An uniform fluidised material bed forms in the fluid bed based on the reasonable feed amount,vibration parameters,air pressure and the air speed.
        Heat and mass transfer carry out between the material and heat medium in a high efficiency. Quality product is discharged from the outlet,while dusty air is vented after cleaned in the dust filtering system.
        5. Applicable materials:


        Applicable material


        chicken essence, seafood essence, monosodium glutamate,xylitol,sorbitol,table salt,spent grains,
        douban,calcium lactate,seasame


        dressing,additives,shrimp bait,soymeal, pellet feed


        tablet particles, thiourea dioxide,NOBS,boric acid,borax,
        benzenediol,malic acid,maleic acid.


        copper sulfate, nickel sulfate,salt,megnesium sulfate,catalyst,
        oxalate,ammonium nitrate,ammonium chloride, saccharin sodium,cellulose,organic compound fertilizer, active carbon.
        ammonium sulfate, potassium permanganate,silicon diaoxide,mineral slag, cacium chloride.

        6. Machine size

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