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        • product name: Industrial hollow paddle dryer/thermal screw dryer
        • Product number: paddle dryer
        • Summary: Paddle dryer is a kind of indirect drying machine.Thermal medium such as steam....
        • Application: to dry chemical material like powder,sludge etc.
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        Paddle dryer

        1. Paddle Dryer Introduction
        Paddle dryer,industrial paddle dryer,also named hollow paddle dryer,hollow blades dryer is a drying equipment which is characterized by hollow paddle blades and hollow shafts inside.
        Housing of the paddle dryer is W-shaped,and generally two or four hollow shafts are arranged inside.
        Thermal medium is injected into the rotating joint,dryer jacket and the rotary hollow blades.Wet material is heated indirectly by the continuous rotating blades and shafts in a high efficiency.
        Thermal medium can be steam,hot water or thermal oil and temperature of the thermal medium ranges from -40~320°C.
        It has a high thermal efficiency.First,during drying process,heat loss is only caused by the heat transfer between the dryer and environment,then when
        material contacts with the heating surface,new heat transfer area is released continuously by the  rotating shafts and blades,which gives a big heat transfer area and enhences the heat transfer greatly.
        The end cover and upper cover can protect dust material from leaking. The baffle at the outlet gives the appropriate material level so that fully heat transfer carries out between material and heat-transfer surface.
        2. Paddle dryer system model:

        3. Features
        1) Compact structure: dryer size is minimized due to the high efficiency due to the large heat transfer area released by the rotating shafts and the dryer jacket.
        2) Various heat medium: thermal oil, steam, hot water can be used as the thermal medium to heat wet material.
        3) Indirect heating: preventing the material from being polluted.
        4) Suitable for various materials (the whole feed field, chemical material, sludge, powder, solvent recovery) Closed-loop for solvent recovery (inert gas blanket for explosive material)
        5) Continuous operation.
        6) High evaporation capacity.
        7) High thermal efficiency.
        8) Negative pressure, no dust flying.
        9) Easy maintenance.
        4. Working Principle
        Thermal medium is injected into the rotary shafts and the dryer jacket.The paddle blades and the shafts rotates under the drive of the drive system.Wet material is fed into the paddle dryer by the feeding device, and then is heated by the heat conducted through the rotating shafts as well as the dryer jacket.
        Material is compressed and loosened alternately by the W-shaped blades, new heat transfer surface is released continuously while the blades and shafts rotate so that wet material gets dried in a high thermal efficiency.
        Dry product is discharged via the outlet under the paddle dryer while the evaporated moisture which entrains a certain amount of dust is cleaned in the cyclone dust collector or fabric dust collector.
        It is an ideal cooling machine for powder if change the medium into cooling water.
        5. Applicable material



        Petrochemical Industry

        Polyolefin powder,nylon6,nylon66,nylon 12,acetate fiber,PPS,engineering plastics,PVC, Polyvinyl Alcohol,propenyl resin,polystyrene,polypropylene,PET,POM,

        Enivronmental Protection Industry

        Electroplating sludge,boiler soot,herb residue,sugar residue, aginomot residue,coal ash.

        Feed Industry

        Soywaste,spent grains,food scraps,apple pomace,soymeal,feed additive,fish meal,orange peel,bone meal,biosludge

        Food Industry

        Starch,coco beans,salt,modified starch

        Chemical Industry

        Sodium carbonate,compound fertilizer,kaolin,bentonite,white carbon black,carbon black,phosphogypsum,calcium nitrate, magnesiumcarbonate,aluminium hydroxide,barium sulfate,calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate,pigment, molecular sieve, saponin. Sodium cyanide.

        6. Representative cases:
        We have successfully designed and manufactured more than 60 sets paddle dryers for various materials for our domestic and overseas customers, some representative cases are as follows:
        1.Iran: 3sets, PD600, Project: molecular sieve catalyst
        2.Poland: 1set PD600 and 1 set PD400, Project:sugar residue
        3.Russia: 2sets PD1000,Project: oil sludge
        4.Israel: 1set PD900, Project:chemical sludge
        5.Yugoslavia: 1 set PD800, Project: sodium carbonate
        6.Anode sludge:shandong xiangguang copper co.ltd. 1 set PD1100 Jinling ferrous metal co.,ltd,1 set PD 1000.
        7.Dryer Size

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